Applications of our valves

Valves for laser cutting machines

Valves for laser cutting
  • 3/2 way control valves for cutting gases or process gases (with analog, digital or fieldbus control)
  • Gas control block for selecting and regulating different cutting and process gases
  • Flow control valve with analog or fieldbus control
  • Switching valves / on-off valves for selecting different gases
  • Water control valves for mirror adjustment
Regulating valves
Switching valves

Application in stretch blow molding machines of the PET industry

Air supply unit for stretch blow molding machines
  • Air supply units up to the size G 2 and 45 bar
  • Dome regulating valves of the sizes G 1, G 1 1/2, G 2
  • Blow pressure control units
  • Start-up valves
  • Air relief valves
Customized developments
Dome pressure regulators