Laser cutting

Regulating valves for laser cutting machines


Regulating valve Standard


Regulating valve ASI


Regulating valve Profibus


Gas regulating block Profibus

Different kinds of control

  • Analog control (0-10 V / 4-20 mA / 0-20 mA)
  • Digital control
  • Fieldbus control (EtherCAT, Profibus, IO-Link)


Various ranges of output pressures

  • Customized pressure ranges



  • For harmless gases air, nitrogen or inert gases
  • For oxygen with oxygen-approved seals
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Switching valves for laser cutting machines


3 on-off valves together

  • For selecting different gases
  • For gases like air, nitrogen, oxygen or inert gases
  • Valve blocks consisting of 2, 3 or 4 switching valves
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Dome pressure reducer WDDM B3.5

  • For water with an input pressure of max. 8 bar
  • Membrane-controlled
  • Range of regulating pressure 0.3 to 3.5 bar
  • Pilot-pressure ca. 0 to 3.7 bar
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