Regulating valves, switching valves, pressure reducers by MLS Lanny

The company MLS Lanny GmbH develops, produces and sells valves for a range of applications in the laser industry (laser cutting) and PET industry (PET bottle production). Our products are mostly customized.

  • Electronic and mechanical regulating valves ( control valves ) for pressures from vacuum up to 14500 psi (1000 bar)
  • Switching valves for switching on and off different gases
  • Flow control valves
  • Dome pressure reducers
  • Dome pressure regulators (mostly in the PET industry)
  • Filter units for the PET industry
  • Valve terminals
  • Customized developments (e.g. air supply units for stretch blow molding machines in the PET industry)
  • Bus and test systems
Air supply unit for stretch blow molding machine