• Regulating valves

    • Proportional regulating valves for harmless gases
    • Range of regulating pressure up to 50 bar
    • Analog, digital or field bus control
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  • Flow-control valves

    • For the gases carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen, forming gas, air, optional special version for helium
    • Flow-control from 0 to 40 Nl/min, output pressure range from 43.5 to 130.5 psi (3 to 9 bar)
    • Made of aluminium, brass or stainless steel, digitale version
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  • On-off valves

    • For nitrogen, oxygen, air
    • Various connection sizes and pressure rages
    • Pneumatically pilot-controlled 5 to 8 bar
    • Connections G 3/8
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  • Dome pressure reducers

    • For gases and liquids
    • Membrane-controlled
    • Various connection sizes and pressure rages
    • Made of brass or stainless steel
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  • Customized developments

    • Air supply unit for the PET bottle production
    • Active carbon sterile filter unit
    • Blowing pressure control unit
    • Pneumatical pilot-controlled / directly-operated valves
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MLS Lanny GmbH

Beermiss 14

D-75323 Bad Wildbad


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Tel.: +49 7081 9534-0

Fax: +49 7081 9534-28

In the company MLS Lanny GmbH we develop, produce and sell valves for a range of applications in the fluidics. These valves are mainly used in the application of laser cutting technology and in blowing stations of the PET bottle industry. Our products are

  • Electronic and mechanical regulating valves for pressures from vacuum up to 14500 psi (1000 bar)
  • On-off valves for switching on and off different gases
  • Dome pressure reducers
  • Dome regulating valves (most in the PET bottle industry)
  • Filter units for the PET bottle industry
  • Valve terminals
  • Customized developments (e.g. air supply units for blowing stations of the PET bottle industry)
  • bus and test systems